The collapse was caused by the shock wave from a nearby

Is the most lightweight cross platform app amongst all Adobe Air powered Twitter apps. It packs tons of features while keeping RAM usage as low as 25 MB. Compared to TweetDeck, that’s pretty low. By its very nature, the Cloud is an amorphous entity. This means that management and monitoring are neglected to poorly emphasized aspects of many Cloud offerings. Fortunately, the Aptana Cloud bucks this trend by making available dashboards for status reporting and performance measures, event based alerts that are needs customizable, plus historical data in the form of Web logs and statistics.

The Solar Nebula in turn formed by gravitational collapse of part of a larger cloud of gas. The collapse was caused by the shock wave from a nearby supernova. We know that happened, because the decay products of the supernova are found as particular isotopes in today rocks.

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We figured the best way was to just tell the kid that someone bought this for him but they wanted to remain anonymous. He was a bit confused but excited. In order to not create any jealously with other kids in the store, we ask him to keep it to himself.

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