Tell me, what is unique about Germany that the US must pay 79%

So while demonstrations can cause swift action and unprecedented attention, they can also be dangerous, tending toward misunderstanding or chaos. When looking for a good model to follow, you may want to remember Julia Hill, who managed to negotiate protection for part of an old growth forest through her own radical demonstrations. An important side note, however: demonstrations also take a large amount of efficient organization to be effective! Be sure you plan ahead! Signs, flyers, and passion are all important ingredients, along with a good turnout makes politicians look twice like a large number of people..

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It isn’t necessarily how much a smart person «knows», it’s just the way they attack problems and the way they perceive the world. This sort of thought pattern leads to breakthroughs in scientific fields or whatever it is they decide to pursue. It seems to be baked in to them, and there is a genuine difference between how they think and how people trying to mimic them thinks.

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